Prof. Elif Betul Turkoglu

Dr. Elif Betul Turkoglu, who graduated as the top student in the university in 2005, started her specialty training at the Ankara Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic with a degree in the TUS exam. In 2010, she started to work as a specialist doctor in the oculoplasty (eye aesthetics) field at Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital to complete his compulsory duty. After completing his compulsory duty, she started to work as an Assistant Professor at Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Ophthalmology Clinic.

Concentrating on her studies on eye cancers (ocular oncology), she did her senior residency under the direction of Dr. Carol Shields at Wills Eye Institute, Ocular Oncology unit in the USA between 2015-2016. In this process, he successfully completed the TUBITAK project about the treatment of retinoblastoma. She received the title of Associate Professor in March 2017. In 2019, she went as an observer to the National Cancer Center, Tokyo, which applied intra-arterial chemotherapy for the first time in the world for retinoblastoma. She received the title of Professor in November 2022 and focused her studies on adult and pediatric ocular oncology (eye cancers), oculoplasty (eyelid and periphery aesthetics and dysfunctions) and cataract surgery. She has over 150 scientific studies and numerous papers published in international and national journals. Read more…



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